How can DPPS benefit your system? The DPPS product line has the ability to increase system performance. We can condition power being introduced to your system, communications platform, mobile platform, etc. By introducing corrected power and conditioning the power into the system or platform, the system or platform has the ability to work more efficiently. When the system works more efficiently, they can project a better high quality signal to the transmission media. This allows the system to be optimized and provides for better and extended range and clarity.

DPPS has met that challenge. Our system is a world class technology with 21 International and US Patents issued and pending. They are UL certified, available in several sizes, transportable, and are cost efficient. We have products for every computer and servers as well as other electrical products.

The DPPS product line was developed to be transportable. This allows for rapid infrastructure changes. The current DOD environment is constantly evolving. There has come a need for a device which can provide for the same flexibility as the service member who uses it.

Our 15 amp system, the DPU415, as well as all of our DPPS products are currently available. The system can be inserted into any electrical plug and configured for both Europe and Asia.

Transportable - Small, the size of a power strip.

Conditions Power - Ensures bi-directionally that the power is free from interference, electrical anomalies and transients, clean power.

Filtered Power - The DPU415 has both harmonic and High Frequency bi-directional filters.

Power Purification - System will run more efficiently with less down time, no crashes, no memory issues, no degradation of hard drives and electrical components.

Reduces Maintenance and system down time - Because of the purification there will be reduced cost for system upkeep and increased productivity. Saved dollars can be used for other critical areas. The DPU415 can reduce lifecycle cost of systems by over 10% and increase system life without failure.

Field Environment - Can protect in a hostile field environment and clean up generator power to protect mission critical combat systems. System failure in the field is unacceptable, but happens at a rate of 15%. This no longer needs to be tolerated, simply plug in a DPU415.

Pricing - There has never been anything like the DPU415 available until now and it is competitively priced in the range of a high quality surge protector.

The DPPS Product line is both a garrison and tactical system. Please see all of our products on our Products page.

The following is a list of applications for the DPPS product line:
2.)Sat Communications (VHF, HF, UHF)
3.)Systems Platforms
5.)Monitoring systems (CCTv, Fire, Access Control, Security)
6.)AV systems
9.)Printing Systems

Red Power Protection

How does our technology provide for your Red Power requirements?

Red Power distribution systems are cost prohibitive. It is mandated that Red Power be used to connect classified infrastructure systems to electrical power.

Red Power must have a completely separated ground system to isolate it from the building. It must be filtered and conditioned, reference the 2/95 Red/Black engineering guide.

Red Power is required for SIPRNet, JWICS, and RIPRNet. Armed Services and agencies have long ignored this requirement, as the cost would be so high they could not afford to install the operational networks.

Additionally, the security required for NIPRNet has long been an issue with over 100,000 malicious and brute force attacks per day within the Department of Defense. Security and IA personnel are in a constant battle to stay one step ahead of the attacker. It has become more apparent that an additional, cost effective, physically secure source for power protection must be sought and implemented.